The Alton Grange Association

The Alton Grange Association [AGA] is a non-profit group of community volunteers that has a stewardship responsibility for the Alton Grange property. The AGA manages this 350 acre property in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. It is one of two such arrangements in Ontario.

What is the Grange Property?

DSC_0114This 350-acre tract, adjacent to the town of Alton, is of particular environmental significance as it contains an area of fragile wetlands. Two rivers, Shaw’s Creek and the Credit, flow south and converge on the property. Much of the higher land was reforested with pines in the 1930s by then owner, E.R. Grange, but there are considerable areas of natural hardwood and mixed forest, plus meadows and open flood plain.

With its varied habitats, the Grange is home to many species of flora and fauna, and is part of a provincially significant coldwater fisheries resource.

The quality of the water in the river and the environment through which it flows are inextricably linked. This valuable property contains provincially significant wetlands, hosts a confluence of two branches of the Credit River and supports a diverse community of unique plants, animals and fish.

The AGA believes that protecting this unique natural resource for future generations also means protecting the river that runs through it.